Remember 100 Grad Berlin Ballhaus-Ost

COSMOS-1, Berlin, 21.Februar 2014, 100°Festival, Ballhaus-Ost

CITSAUG is working since 2007 in several projects guided by dialogical philosophy and artistic performance about questions around our modern society. COSMOS-1 was an empatic encounter on the North-South-Axis. We invited tree actors living and working in Barcelona and tree actors from Berlin to have a dialogue about the question „Under wich conditions do I say enough is enough?“.

Performers in COSMOS-1 2012-2015 in Bern, Berlin & Barcelona: David Teixido, Sonia Barba, Roland Bonjour, Armin Köstler, Theo Plakoudakis, Andrea Cassam and Daniel Sellier

COSMOS-1, Bern, Premiere 02./3./4. Februar 2013, HKB Theater
COSMOS-1, Berlin, Premiere 26 July to 2 August 2013 International Conference of PPA, GSP, 
SFCP and the Institute of Comparative Ethics at the Free University of Berlin
COSMOS-1, Berlin, 21.Februar 2014, 100°Festival, Ballhaus-Ost
COSMOS-1, Barcelona, Premiere 10.& 11. Juli 2015,, Poblenou

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